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Complete Strike Security

We are proud of our decades-long track-record of non-confrontational deployments across North America. 

The goal is to prevent security problems before they happen.  In a stressful situation, untrained personnel cause violence and/or property damage.  Our highly visible security personnel are trained to be passive yet firm in their duties and to resist incitements to confrontation.  As such, we have not had an outbreak of a violent nature. 

In addition to seasoned strike security personnel, we use a full strike security program to deter harassment, sabotage, and other disruptive actions:     

Strike Security Planning:  As part of the contingency planning process, the site security and business impact analysis will help us identify and secure areas of weakness and potential flashpoints.

Perimeter and Picket Line Security:  At one or multiple sites, we maintain the flow of personnel, materials, and finished goods. We use the latest video technology to document picket line activity, reduce confrontations, and to support any legal or disciplinary action.  

Command & Coordination:  Our team will quickly and easily integrate with your management and any pre-existing security or logistical arrangements.  Centralized decision making, a clear chain of command, and effective communications help us to maintain order in even the most volatile situations.  Crisis Management Corp. will also act as your liaison with local law enforcement,

Off-Site Protection Services:  Use our low-profile executive protection services to prevent harassment of your executives and their families outside of the workplace.  Replacement workers can be securely housed off-site at temporary locations, or we can arrange complete on-site logistical support if your situation requires it (housing, mess facilities, laundry service, etc.). 

Strike Transport Security:  Prevent harassment on the road from crippling your ability to meet tight shipping deadlines, etc. The protection services of our Instant Shipping Network can be extended to all of your company’s mobile assets: driver protection, convoy management, video surveillance, and more.

For more information about our strike security services, please call 905-876-9293.

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