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Labour Dispute Management » Contingency Planning

Are You Prepared?

Reduce your risk and navigate the many challenges of a labour dispute.  Our comprehensive 360Ëš contingency plans address every aspect of your operations, including:

  • Complete security arrangements
  • Replacement staffing solutions
  • Secure offsite storage
  • Stockpiling production materials or inventory
  • Transportation of personnel and goods
  • Plant and equipment relocation

Drawing on our long experience in a wide variety of industries, we create customized contingency plans using the latest technology and tactics.  We have created hundreds of contingency plans in the following scenarios: 

  1. You already have a plan:  We analyse your existing plan and make recommendations based on best practices and your current conditions.  Pre-sourcing personnel and transportation, security audits, etc., will ensure you are truly prepared for a work stoppage.
  2. You do not have a plan and a strike is imminent:  We will quickly build you a customized plan. We do this discreetly, so as not to impact ongoing negotiations. Your complete “labour dispute playbook” will outline precise responsibilities and deadlines for all key players.
  3. A work stoppage has begun and you don’t have a plan:  We will immediately adapt a plan to your needs and continue fine-tuning it while we execute on immediate priorities to keep you safe and operating. 

For more information, or to begin your contingency planning process, please contact us.

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