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Bailiff Services ยป Landlord Distress and Lease Terminations

If your commercial tenant is not paying rent, you may distrain against the goods and equipment of a tenant to quickly effect payment. Bailiff fees are paid by the tenant.

Crisis Management Corp. bailiffs will provide free consultation, assess your documents, and present your best options. They may include:

  1. Swift negotiated payment of the rental arrears from your tenant. Our Provincially mandated presence to uphold your contractual rights sends tenants a clear message, and in a large majority of our accounts it’s enough to remedy the situation.
  2. We may conduct a Walk in Seizure. To settle the account, tenant goods and/or equipment is inventoried and put under seizure until full rental payment. The bailiff fee is paid by the tenant. The goods are left on the premises with a signed agreement that they will not be removed by the tenant.
  3. Removal of Goods occurs when the account is not settled. The goods are held for a period, then sold to recoup the landlord’s rental arrears.
  4. Lease Terminations. If the bailiff and landlord decide the distrained goods may be unlawfully removed from the premises, the locks will be changed. The tenant may yet settle arrears without having to bear the cost of removal and auction.

Seized goods and equipment can be stored in one of our many secure storage facilities. We can arrange for speedy auction through our Ontario-wide bailiff network. And our specialized North American transportation network can safely and easily ship anything from boxed goods to 20-ton machinery.

The official bearing and professional conduct of experienced McFadden bailiffs helps to maximize your cash flow at zero cost to you. We have performed hundreds of rent settlements in a wide variety of industrial and commercial settings, including the recovery of taxation arrears under the Municipal Act.

Action Benefits:

  • Quick response anywhere in Ontario.
  • Swiftly terminate a lease so you can find a paying tenant.
  • It’s free to the landlord. Tenants pays the bailiff fees.
  • Over 90% of our bailiffs’ first visits put money in the landlord’s pocket within days.
  • Recover your money without going to court.

Solve your Ontario commercial tenant arrears problem now by calling Crisis Management Corp.  905-876-9293

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